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Built for quality    Built for the Future
We designed the SpeedSetter™ VM from the ground up to be simple to use, easy to service, and reliable. There are no intricate plate loading mechanisms – simply place the plate against the stops in the drum, let vacuum take hold and close the lid. The 60mW laser is twice as powerful as those used on some other violet platesetters which are twice as large, meaning the laser is operating far below maximum power, improving its life and reliability. It also means that if new plate materials which require higher imaging power, become available in the future, there’s a better chance that the VM will support it with little or no modification.
Violet Plate Formats, Media and Processor
SpeedSetter VM can image violet plates ranging in width from 9.5" to 20.88" , and in length from 15" to 19.88" . That makes it compatible with all the common 2-up portrait and landscape presses on the market. It also provides a press upgrade path: you can create plates today for a portrait press, and tomorrow for a landscape press. SpeedSetter VM gives you the freedom to image all violet plates currently available on the market today and the plate processor can process all the available photopolymer plates so you won’t be “locked in” to a particular supplier or plate material.
SpeedSetter® VM4 4-Up CtP System
The SpeedSetter VM4 features a manual load-unload design and auto vacuum ® mechanism for quick plate changes that allows you to image multiple size plates (from 9.5” x 15” to 36.5” x 25”) to suit all common 4-up / half-size and 2-up presses. The SpeedSetter VM4 provides the freedom to image all silver and photopolymer violet metal plates that are available on the market today.
Low Cost of Ownership
Our engineer’s main design criteria when we began the development of the SpeedSetter VM was to build a machine that has few moving parts, is easy to service and employs a powerful laser with a long run life. We chose a new powerful 60mW violet laser because it is less expensive and lasts far longer than thermal lasers. Therefore, your return on investment (ROI) is higher than with other systems.
OpenRIP® Symphony™ Core Award Winning Workflow
At Exxtra, we are proud to be the company to make metal CtP technology affordable for mainstream commercial and quick printers. With the new SpeedSetter VM and our award-winning OpenRIP Symphony Core software you now have a complete, turnkey platemaking system.

OpenRIP® Symphony™ Core Hardware:*
- Fast Pentium 4 Processor
- 40+ GB Hard Drive, 256 MB RAM
- Windows® XP Professional
- Integrated Video, Audio, 10/100 Ethernet
- PCI Imagesetter Interface Card & Cable
- CD-ROM and 3.5” Floppy Drive
- 17” Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard

- Queues appear as printers in MacOS and Windows
- Download PS fonts and files, EPS & PDF files
- Works with Windows® 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
- Hot Folders feature for Windows & Mac OS X workstations
- LPR support for printing over the Internet

OpenRIP Symphony Features:
- True Adobe® PostScript® 3™ Interpreter
- Monitor Preview, with Trap Preview feature
- Supports monochrome, process color, and spot color files
- Advanced Proofing Features:
Change spot colors on the printed proof; Print any combination of job colors; Reduce ink on any or all colors
- Agfa® Balanced Screening
- Adobe Accurate Screens
- Imagesetter linearization & press dot gain compensation wizards
- Direct PostScript, EPS, and PDF printing
- Custom Plate Templates
- Page information, crop marks, targets & color bar control
- Custom Job Queuing (ticketing) with drag & drop
- PDF 1.5 Support
- PDF Preview plus low res PDF-out
- RasterView, full output resolution preview with ink usage calculator, CIP3 support, Angle and Density Tool
- 136 Adobe® PostScript® 3™ Standard Fonts

Optional Features:
- Adobe® In-RIP Trapping with TrapZone™
- StripRITE™ Raster Imposition
- KOOLKolor™ Inkjet Proofing System
- KoolToning™ Inkjet Halftone Simulator
- AdvancedScan™ Scan to Plate with Raster Touch-up
- PerfectBLEND™ Hybrid Screening Technology
- TIFF-out and PS-out Drivers
- OpenRIP Remote, Remote Workstation RIP Control
- Export Proof, save, preview & email raster files directly from OpenRIP.

*Optional outside U.S.
Basic technology: Internal Drum
Plates: All currently available violet sensitive silver and photopolymer plates
Laser: 60mW Violet (405nm) laser diodeSpot size: 10 microns
Resolution:2540 DPILargest Plate: 20.88" x 19.88" [530 x 505 mm]
Plate thickness: .006 -.008" [.15 - .2mm]
Productivity: 19 (13.3" wide) or 13 (20.1" wide) per hour
Power: 110 or 220V auto switching, 50/60 Hz, 10 amps (external vacuum pump: power specific)
Overall size:46” (116cm) W x 53" (133cm) H x 25" (62.5cm)D
Weight: Approx. SpeedSetter VM 180 lbs. [80kg]
Weight: Optional Stand 160 lbs. [73kg]
Plate handling: Manual load and unload, punch after imaging for specific press as per manufacturer’s recommendation, yellow safe light required for plate handling
Max. Plate: 24" (610mm) W x 29" (737mm) L
Min. Plate: 10" (254mm) W x 13.3" (337.8mm) L
Water supply: potable (tap) water.
Built-in recirculation water saver (optional)
Operating Power: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 20 amp max.
Processor Dimensions: 35.6" (91cm) W x 56.3" (143cm) L x 35" (89cm) H (without racks)
96" (244cm) L (with racks)
Weight: 395 lbs. (180 kg)
Yellow safe light required for plate handling